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Colorful, bold, American-those are the three words most often associated with the work of William Diamond and Anthony Baratta. They would not take issue, but they would assure you that they are hardly the first to put the three together in an original way. They would have you visit the Governor's Palace in Colonial Williamsburg, for a look at bold and colorful circa 1722. They would trumpet the work of Sister Parish, who shared their love of color and pattern, who painted floors and cut up quilts with such casual elan, whose sophistication and practicality define, for them, "Americanness" in decorating.

Others before them may have covered new ground with color and pattern but few have thrown scale into the mix the way Diamond and Baratta do. They won't just combine bold plaids and overscaled flowers in vivid colors; they'll paint a gingham pattern on the ceiling. They aren't just daring, they're playful and fearless: Everything in their work, other than antiques, is custom. Nothing is going to work in any room other than the one it was designed for.

What is most surprising about Diamond Baratta's work is how much of it is not loud and bright and American in spirit. They've done French Deco apartments and minimalist interiors, and they admire Joe d'Urso's and Arata Isozaki's work as much as Parish's. "We have a love of anything pure, anything that rings true."

Diamond Baratta Design
270 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012

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