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May 17, 2006


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I am a human being temporarily living on planet Earth. I get money to buy my food and clothes mainly from selling skateboard trucks. Originally I was doing architecture, got my general contractors licence and wanted to be a building developer. But, by a strange twist of fate I invented a mushroom shaped inverted kingpin (the bolt that is used to tighten your skateboard trucks) that improved the way trucks grind. It was a “grinding kingpin” so I shortened the name to “Grind King”. It became so popular that I decided to go into the truck business. 18 years later I am still makin those freakin’ shroom shaped bolts in my trucks! Along the way I also started Termite Skateboards for groms. They are smaller sized quality performance boards for younger kids. Also Jim Muir who owns Dogtown licenced his brand to me to make the Dogtown skateboards and apparel as well. I like to surf ,snowboard, skate, play guitar , the didgeridoo and collect assorted instruments. I also make a point to go to Burning Man each year (this will be my 5th time in a row.) It for me is an essential mind-altering experience and soul recharge that occurs four days before the ASR trade show. Namaste.

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