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Sep 24, 2007


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Hello everyone! I'm new to ThisNext, but I figure this is a perfect place to share the product I created a few years back. This product (called Eye Magic) was designed to correct a problem that I had developed over time, which was sagging upper eyelid skin that droops down and covers up my eyelids (called ptosis in some cases). I have always considered my eyes my best feature so this was a big problem! The result of this drooping eyelid skin was a more tired, heavy, sleepy, appearance, which definitely added years to my look. I explored surgery, which can have many complications, extended recovery time, and can be very expensive! I looked online for non-surgical alternatives to eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty), and to my surprise, there was NOTHING out there! So I decided to experiment and come up with a solution on my own.

The result was Eye Magic! Eye Magic uses transparent strips and a small amount of applied gel to fold back the sagging skin, exposing the eyelids which were previously covered by this sagging skin. The best part is that makeup can be applied as normal prior to applying Eye Magic to the skin, and it only takes about 60 seconds to apply the product to both eyes! Since perfecting the design of the product, I have been applying it daily and I honestly can't live without it now. I'm not only the creator of Eye Magic but a client! :)

A single application of Eye Magic lasts all day. Apply with your morning makeup and take off before bed. Use every day or as desired. Eye Magic is a must for special occasions and photos when you want to look your best.

Thank you for allowing me to share my product with you all, and feel free to add me as a friend! Be sure to check out our products at http://www.eyemagic.net

Here are some testimonials from users of Eye Magic:

"This is by far the best product of its type on the market. I have tried many other products that promise what Eye Magic delivers. I won't go without them, they take 10 years off my saggy eyelids. I keep putting off eyelid surgery because these give the same effect. Try them you won't be sorry."
Deborah Z.
Torrance, CA

"I have pretty almond-shaped eyes and I received many compliments about them. But due to my lids drooping recently (particulary on one side), my best feature is less visible. With Eye Magic, I have my best feature back again."
Elizabeth S.
New York, NY

Visit www.eyemagic.net for more testimonials and product pictures

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