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Dec 5, 2007


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modern artist, open minded, free thinker

Hi my name is Julie Frith, I am a northern California artist in Eureka California...(right on the coast). I create modern kinetic art sculptures, in the style of Alexander Calder. I have a great website that I make and sell mobiles and stabiles everyday; All of my creations are made by hand, no mass production, custom designed made to order. I love modern design, architecture, clean lines, bright color splashes, and mid century homes. Grew up in the 60's/70's surrounded in constant art of my parents who are both very well known in the art world (Donald and Barbara Frith). Learned many art skills and knowledge of modern design and technology. Impressed by the mobiles of Calder in museums, it influenced my art love forever.

Mobiles by Julie Frith
Eureka, CA, USA

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