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Graynation was born while caring for my mother. She was a creative spirit. She came from a time and place where nothing was wasted, where women grew the food they cooked and made the clothes they wore. During this time my then three year old daughter began drawing little people and peace signs everywhere. Her creative spirit sparked something. I began thinking of ways to honor my mother and pass something along to my daughter. I began thinking of ways to redefine and recycle, to join the past and future. A vintage cup was filled with natural soy wax and fragrance and became an eco-friendly candle. I took glass bottles and filled them with all natural fragranced body oils. Vintage clothes and t-shirts were recut and redefined. I sold the things I no longer needed and started my journey with Graynation. So named after my daughter Emilee Grace who I have always called “Gray’ and gray also happened to be the color of my Mother’s eyes

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    From: siamese4life

    Your'e wecolme, just noticed you have some on in your handle.I'll have to check out your Etsy site.

    Posted 9 Years Ago