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Aug 8, 2007


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I built my house a couple of years ago using a lot of green materials. My goal was to create a nontoxic environment for my children who suffered from allergies and learning issues. Over the last few years, people were always asking me various green questions ranging from building products to recycling as I continued to green my home and garden.

Realizing that I did not have all the answers and was tried of spending hours on the internet looking for green products, I yearned for a community where I could share my knowledge as well as gain insight from others as to what products to use for my home and garden or how to reuse what we already had.

So, I created Green Talk, a place where people can share their green experiences. My mission for Green Talk is to create an eco community comprised of people discussing the pros and cons of green products to encourage others to turn green, one conversation at a time.

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