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Heather Stephenson

For those who know her best, Heather’s tendency to try to live 9 lives simultaneously somehow works. New acquaintances, however, wonder at her schizophrenic attitude toward life. A true Gemini, Heather is a host of contradictions – born and raised in rural Montana, she lived in DC, Los Angeles, London, and Brooklyn before finding her footing in urban San Francisco. A yoga teacher who is obsessed with cosmetics and body products, a businesswoman who wants 8 weeks of holiday a year, a consummate traveler who likes to nest at home, a wine-swilling lush who won’t take medication, a gardener who can feel claustrophobic outside big cities, and an intellectual who doesn’t read the news…Heather somehow slides in and out of her varied personalities without missing too many beats. If you ask her to, she’ll recite Shakespearean sonnets and quote from the movie The Cutting Edge for you. And while she’ll never drink bad wine, she has no problem at all with beer out of a can.

And Jen Boulden

Seeing her gallivanting around Montana on horseback might lead one to believe that Jen was born in a barn, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. A Southern belle, Jen was raised in Atlanta and had blonde poufy hair – but steered clear of ever wearing bows. In ’97, she lost the hairspray in favor of a slicked back ponytail when she moved to NYC. There she fell headfirst into a love of sustainability. Literally. While climbing the corporate ladder, she stumbled down the subway steps carrying office paper home to recycle. Sitting stunned in the midst of scattered pages, she thought “there must be a better way.” Thus, she found herself in Ireland, running a horse farm, contemplating ways to blend her passion for the environment with her knack for business strategy. Today, you can find Jen sampling organic beer (“Uh, Jen, you’ve already tried that one!”), chatting up cowboys about the virtues of tofu while on cattle drives, and playing with her rescue Corgi, Cricket.

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