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walkie talkie five MHztwo. six GHzMARKINGS AND SPECIFICATION :Need to be of remarkably obvious coloration and be fitted with retro reflective tapes. Need to be organized for float free of charge program and be activated when in contact with salt h2o. Inmarsat EPIRB :It transmits signals to the Inmarsat Geostationary satellites and it presents its postureconstantly so it can be homed also by the air crafts. and Extended. need to be able of sustaining the heat from sunlightDigital part need to be protected for five minutes when place in to the ten metes h2o depth. There are generally two varieties of Maritime EPIRB'sCOS-PAS SAR SAT EPIRB :It transmits the knowledge / distress sign to the geostationary "COS-PAS "Research AND RESCUE SATELLITE. five to 4 mtrs . fourteen digit MID no. Unexpected emergency Place INDICATING RADIO BEACON ) in very simplified language.

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