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Feb 22, 2006


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Jamie Drakes first decorating job was filling the backyard fort he and a dear friend had made in Woodbridge, Connecticut, with antiques and decorations rescued from a nearby barn. His first mature project -when he was 11- was his own bedroom, for which he clad the walls in black patent vinyl, trimmed in crisp white, and dressed the beds in black-and-white toile. Such precocious beginnings seem fitting for a man whose favorite historic building is St. Petersburg Oranienbaum Palace for it wonderful colors turquoises and lavenders the lavishness of the decoration and the inventiveness of detail. Drakes passion for color, glamour and luxury are laid out in his recent book, Jamie Drakes New American Glamour (published this month by Bullfinch), but the assemblage of personalities he would choose to have dinner with may be even more telling about this designers style: Drake would feel most at home hosting Aristotle Onassis, Louis XIV, Coco Chanel, and—the most glamorous of all this glamorous company, by whom he would place himself—Marlene Dietrich.

Drake Design Associates
315 East 62nd Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10021

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