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Oct 3, 2007

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To quote a friend of mine: I'm curious like a cat...I have a couple of friends that call me wiskers.

In all seriousness I work as a creative director in LA. Food, film, finding and meeting new friends, travel, roaming about and buying art. Spending foolish amounts on Apple products and other gadgets and gizmos. Food wise I guess I like it all...bbq'd, fried, raw, buffet style, fresh catch of the day, early bird specials..you name it. I'm a big fan of sarcasm and making/seeing people laugh. So if you find similar joys in life then perhaps we should become friends. Or if you really wanted visit this page over and over and....

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    From: thedelicious

    i know that's not you, but i LOVELOVELOVE your profile picture! good first recommendation! recommend more! I want to see what kinds of things you like!

    Posted 10 Years Ago