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A Dallas native with a B.A. in international business and marketing, Jay Jeffers graduated from college knowing a thing or two about business. But rather than stay behind a desk crunching numbers, he decided to rearrange the furniture. While on a career track at Gap in San Francisco, he says, "I knew I wanted to do something different, so I went back to school and worked part time for another designer [Richard Witzell & Associates]. Luckily my boss from the Gap hired me to redo a house in Mill Valley from start to finish."

Jeffers opened his own practice in 1993, but the first inkling that he wanted to be an interior designer came to him in a rental in San Francisco when he was in his 20s. "It was a dream apartment with moldings, hardwood floors, and a great view," he says. "I experimented with color and painted it myself. It was then that I realized I had a talent for this.”? Today, Jeffers is known for his bold interiors with fresh colors. "I don’t decorate with a lot of white," he admits. "It just doesn’t fit in very well in San Francisco. But in L.A. I’m doing a house that’s practically all white."

Jeffers Design Group
550 15th Street
Suite 39
San Francisco, CA 94103

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