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This pupil of Givenchy, whose nomadic childhood with his parents and three brothers began in Huntington, L.I. and wound through three Midwestern states before ending in Norway, says the frequent moves inspired his career choice.I learned immediately to establish my domain, Jeffrey Bilhuber reflects, and every time we moved I picked a new paint color and carpet, and wallpaper for one wall -- that was the look then. Bilhuber graduated from the Hotel Management School at Cornell University with the desire to stem the Hiltonization of hotels. Although he works in private homes for the most part, his firm has been true to that early goal, having designed a number of hotels celebrated for their residential vocabulary, including 70 Park Avenue, the first Kimpton hotel in NYC.

A lover of Monticello and Mount Vernon, Bilhuber is as smitten with historic architecture as he is with design and seems to use one passion to inform the other. At Monticello, I learned that Thomas Jefferson "got up two or three times a night to move to another bed in a different bedroom so that he could slip into cool sheets," says Bilhuber, which is why his hotel bedrooms always boast the highest quality sheets and ultra-comfortable beds. "Comfort has many nuances and subtleties. My work is filled with that."

Jeffrey Bilhuber
330 East 59th Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10022
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