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I’m the co-founder of two companies that focus on making learning fun and entertaining. SmartsCo is a publishing company I co-founded with Julie Tucker. We create stylish games and guides that make learning fun. These include WineSmarts, FoodSmarts, SexSmarts, BeerSmarts, and more. We create fun, easy ways to learn about wine that makes learning about wine as much fun as it is to sip.

I’m also the co-founder of TasteWine, with wine educator Ray Johnson. We create entertaining, educational winetastings for corporate events from intimate parties of ten to large celebration of 350 people.

What’s a little crazy about all this is that I spent most of my working life in non-profits. I have a Master of Public Health, and a strong interest in reproductive health, especially for young people. How did I get here? I started taking wine classes when I was working at a health foundation and I got hooked.

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