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I love artisan jewelry and hope to open my own gallery one day. I am very picky about my jewelry and love educating people on the difference between the different types of artisan jewelry out there. Little things like attention to detail, perfection in wire wrapping, using artist made beads (just to name a few) is what separates the 50.00 designs from the 250.00 (and up) designs. Knowing what to look for in a design and craftsmanship is very important.

Often people have a bad experience with an artist made piece that is poorly crafted and think all artists have the same quality. Always remember you really do get exactly what you pay for! If you buy cheap you are most likely going to get cheap or maybe you will get lucky and buy from a talented new artist who has yet to build the confidence to charge what their work is worth but that is pretty rare.

Why do I have my face covered? Simple really, because I do not want people to know who I am. If I am going to review jewelry that I find on the web or at a show I do not want special treatment or have attention to design just shown to me. I want to see how the artist performs for everyone not just someone writing a review. No, Taylar Thomas is not my real name either just one I saw a while ago and liked. So consider me your mystery shopper and don't bother emailing me to ask me who I really am because I am not telling.

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