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May 4, 2006


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A self-professed word geek, I pay for my magazine subscription habit by working as a writer and editor. I used to have steady gigs at a major regional publication and then a top inflight magazine, but about a year ago I took the leap and went freelance full-time. I don’t have a particular journalistic niche or area of interest, although I do tend to have a more offbeat or humorous tone, so you probably won’t be seeing my work in Mother Jones or Newsweek anytime soon.
Car you’d like to own? An old rebuilt convertible Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia.
Big step you’d like to make? Finish a book I’m writing and get it published.
Fad that will fade? I have a love-hate relationship with cellphones, so I hope everyone’s need to pick up and call every person they know for the silliest, smallest thing will get old after a while.
Vacation you’ll take? I’m happy to go just about anywhere, so the possibilities are endless.
Thing you’re going to fight for? For smokers to quit throwing their damn cigarette butts on the ground. (It’s not enough we have to breathe your secondhand smoke, but we have to watch you litter as well?) In fact, I’m currently constructing a website called www.dontbeabutthead.net to help spread the word.
Secret that’s going to leak? Hopefully not that I can’t keep a secret.
Hollywood blockbuster going to be about?
Life you’ll lead? Unless I do something drastic here pretty soon, it might just be that of one of those crazy old cat ladies.
Fountain of youth? Photoshop. (Mum’s the word, but I used it to erase some fine lines and wrinkles on my passport photo.) Seriously, and this is another secret I’ve never revealed, but Prescriptives Super Line Preventor is a miracle cream that I’ve used for years.
Book you’ll read? “Conspiracy of Fools,” Tom Eichenwald’s expose on the Enron scandal. The truth really is stranger than fiction.
Thing that will change the world? People.
Guilty-pleasure food in which you’ll indulge? Popeye’s fried chicken.
Person to whom you’ll say, “I love you”? My 20-month-old nephew.

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