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Feb 5, 2009


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I'm Joan, some friends call me Jo. I love art from literature to movies to music. To me everything is an art form. I sometimes sit in the park for hours with a book in hand or my ipod, sometimes watching a movie or listening to music, or sometimes just staring at the view – buildings, clouds, sunset, moon, stars and people.
Another thing that i love doing is traveling. My boyfriend and I both love Hawaii. It has the most amazing beaches I've ever been to. For us, nothing spells romance as much as Hawaii. Another personal favorite is Central Park, New York. I just love the busy streets, people scurrying and rushing all around. The buildings and infrastructure also amaze me, the blocks and lights at night are a feast to my eyes.
I hope to meet people who same the same passion as i do – art, traveling and simply meeting new people. Ta ta!

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