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Feb 22, 2006


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It was five years ago when Alex Jordan and Dan Smieszny assumed the co-presidency of the Chicago design firm Gregga Jordan Smieszny, a company founded in 1970 by Smieszny mentor Bruce Gregga, who is now, very happily, an antiques dealer in Montecito, California. The team Gregga left behind achieves its exceedingly comfortable and visually entertaining interiors with a confident mix of contemporary art and technology, remarkable antiques and framed ephemera, primitive elements and refined finishes: the bamboo lamp beside the Irish leather club chair, silver leaf walls beneath a skylight, striking displays of centuries-old wooden gears and a world of farm implements, a plasma TV installed above a fireplace, high-polished concrete floors.

"We are not of the 'soft underfoot' School," Jordan and Smieszny pronounce, a disinclination they share along with a personal preference for bare-footedness. As for their other strong preferences, Smieszny is historically and determinedly anti-color "except in a garden"; Jordan believes that every nonphosphorescent color has its place. Which is not to say that they are often of opposite mind, but rather that their success seems grounded in the confidence each has in the other's partialities. Somehow, the room they give each other makes more room for the lasting solution.

Gregga Jordan Smieszny
1255 North State Parkway
Chicago, IL 60610

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