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Jun 18, 2007


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I first began working with method in 2001 when she was just 3 people. Back then I headed up product design at Karim Rashid’s atelier in New York.

I remember my first meeting with method founders Eric and Adam. It struck me that these guys had a weirdly great idea. Rather than going head to head with giant multinational chemical companies, their inspiration was to try and disrupt these businesses by changing the very way people think about one of life’s most mundane and banal chores: cleaning.

Their goal to make the cleaning experience beautiful, fragrant, functional and green; this was design on a grand scale. It was a preposterous idea, and they were going to need help, lots of help.

method quickly became my favorite client, and the first “bottom dispensing” dish soap was born.

Since founding the industrial design studio at method, I have had my hand in many of the new products launched since then, including: the creamy hand soap, omop, the wood for good bottle, bloq bottles and bar soap, aroma ring, wet dryer sheets, dish soap and a whole bunch of other stuff you’ll get to see soon.

The thing that I like most about my job is that I'm free to wear what I like to work. No one cares that I'm not wearing a suit and no one minds if I wear a tee-shirt with “skulls” on it (except my dad, but that’s ok; parents get a free pass to be curmudgeons and besides he’s 12,000 miles away, back home in New Zealand)

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