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Jan 27, 2009


Plumas Lake, CA, US


About joylise:

I'm a passionate creative woman, and I am desperately in love with and happily married to my Air Force husband. I am a mommy of 2, and will spend my life loving my children and husband with every breath that I take. I spend my days shopping, cooking, blogging, sewing, dancing and singing with my daughter, and seeing the world through my autistic son's eyes- and a beautiful world it is! I am currently in grad school to get my MFA in Fashion Design & Textiles, with a focus on children's clothing. I live life to the fullest, surround my self in pink, eat a lot of chocolate, drink red-bull, and wear my heart on my sleeve! I love shopping for shoes, hard to find books, fabrics that catch my eye, jeans that I can wear every day, anything inspired by 18th century France, and cute or helpful stuff for my children

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    From: Linda Lanese

    I am glad you liked this recommendation :)

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