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Dec 17, 2008


About karmabymorgan:

A little info about the artist:

Morgan is a local Low Country Artist of South Carolina. She was born and raised down here and attended Brewster Academy for two years, and then Dickinson College for all four years. She majored in Classical Archaeology and minored in Religion and Judaic Studies. She loves soccer (which she played at Dickinson for a few years), laughing, the Red Sox, and being crafty.

Tell me about Karma:

Karma is original handcrafted jewelry created, designed, and assembled by Morgan. She uses all semi-precious stones, antique/vintage glass & plastic, sterling silver, fine silver, 14kt gold fill, and copper. Morgan chose the name 'Karma' for her business because she believes that "the idea of Karma has a natural place in jewelry. Meaning, what goes around comes around and you get what you put in...so make good choices! I make a piece of jewelry it is made with love, and is intended to be beautiful. My ambition is that when a person finds this piece they will feel good about buying it and will feel beautiful while wearing it. Karma, there you have it!"

Morgan loves to make one of a kind pieces. This means that she might use a similar design or colors, but each piece is a little bit different than the other. You will have a 100% Karma original. She strives to use the best materials and techniques to the best of her knowledge and is always willing to learn more.

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    From: Hillary Chapman-Roberts

    hey karmabymorgan! welcome to the thisnext community! you have some great pieces and i'm really excited to see what you come up with. you're entering the contest right? i think you'll do really well! good luck and happy recommending!

    Posted 9 Years Ago