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Jul 11, 2006


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I have always had a big place in my heart for fashion. After trying different things in the work place I came to the conclusion that having my own online boutique would be the right move for me. So that is when I opened LeFashionista.com, I started out with designer handbags, and later discovered that I can't keep up with trends anymore I will go bankrupted. So then I decided looking into independent designers would be a very good fit for me. I now have a great group of amazing designers that I am currently working with. Besides being the owner of lefashionista.com, I enjoy hanging out with my lovely kids my two awesome cats dogboy and Remy:-) I have an amazing boyfriend who is a music producer. I can't live without splurging on designer handbags, designer jeans and my electronics Ipod, cell phone and Power Book G4. That is basically me in a nut shell..

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    From: Sheena

    I love your recommendations!

    Posted 10 Years Ago