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May 26, 2006

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I’ve had the amazing fortune to interview many snowboarding legends and watch the sport progress from outcast to rock star status. These days, writing about technology full time (nerd alert!) is turning me into a weekend warrior. But that’s life. I’m just happy to spend any time in the mountains and as long as I’m still vying for first chair on a powder day when I’m 80, I’ll be even happier.
What is the NEXT…
Purchase you’ll make? Motorcycle. Something small, cheap and probably slow.
Trend in design? Back to the future. Futuristic retro.
Car you’d like to own? Anything hauling an Airstream.
Big step you’d like to make? Get a dog.
Fad that will fade? With any luck, droopy drawers.
Vacation you’ll take? South American snowboard sojourn
Thing you’re going to fight for? More bike lanes on city streets.
Secret that’s going to leak?
Hollywood blockbuster going to be about? Swashbuckling hero finds a way to end global warming.
Life you’ll lead? Increasingly pleasant
Fountain of youth? Popsicles
Book you’ll read? The Last Season, Eric Blehm’s account of National Park Service ranger Randy Morgenson’s disappearance in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Thing that will change the world? China
Guilty-pleasure food in which you’ll indulge? I’m afraid that in which I will not indulge is a much shorter list…
Person to whom you’ll say, “I love you”? Too many to mention

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