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The MBT shoes have become might popular lately, not lest among the celebrities, that use them for toning and shaping their bodies. But the MBT shoes are also used for back problems and for rehabilitation of muscle injuries. Many big studies have been done on the shoe and it really seem like the medical benefits of MBT's are proven. It's used as a recovering device among physicians, often used for rehab by sports men and women suffering from ligament injuries. When walking with the Masai sport shoe, you use muscles that you don't use when walking in regular shoes, so because of that, your body will get more firm if you use them on a daily basis.

Developed by the engineer Karl Muller, who had been ill in back pain injuries for decades, the MBT Shoe imitates how the body uses its muscles when moving on soft and uneven surfaces, like sand or moss.

Walking on those soft surfaces you would use the whole foot from heel to toe, and this makes you take a natural pose, and the back muscles gets activated, to support the body. You will strengthen the back thigh muscles, and many more muscles, and at the same time take pressure off the knees. When trying them on at first, it does feel a bit wiggly, until you get used to them. Before walking long walks with them, get used to them bit by bit, because you can get quite a muscle ace if you don't take it quite easy in the beginning.

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