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Apr 14, 2006


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Ever since I discovered computers I wanted to be an animator, but once I got to school, it didn’t hold my interest. I was taking these grduate classes for no credit and I knew it was time to move on. Car design caught my eye and I went to art school. But when I got there I realized I’d found the perfect future profession. I’ve always loved to build stuff and now that I knew hold to weld and mold plastic and cast resin; I could make anything. I didn’t actually get a degree in furniture design; the school wasn’t that organized. But I took enough classes to know that was what I wanted to do. Now I work as a designer and builder. I like to do design work in the computer with piece of software called Alibre Design and then make it. Furniture is the best medium for this method as you can make pretty much anything you design. What I am into? I love all kinds of design: architecture, cars, product and furniture design. I took whole year of design history in college and loved every minute of it. I’m into cars and driving them. I’m also into computers and a little into gaming (when I have time).

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