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Given that she has nearly everything custom made, you would never guess that Nancy Braithwaite cut her design teeth at Sears. As a member of the team running the retailers National Treasures Program in the 60s she became steeped in the fine points of traditional American furniture; but the most valuable thing she came away with, thanks to "the best boss ever," was openness.

"As a designer you need to grow and experiment and educate your eye," says Braithwaite. She did just that, examining first the work of Billy Baldwin, whom she admired for his simplicity, before moving on to the French masters-Ruhlmann, Arbus, and Frank-who schooled her in the art of exquisite detailing and the absolute beauty of perfect proportions. For Braithwaite, if there is one thing that every room must have, it is the latter.
The designer continues to try new things on for size-her latest detour is into baby decor showcased in nine vignettes at B. Braithwaite in Atlanta-to look with an unjaded eye, and just as important, to listen. "Misunderstanding a client is the worst that can befall a decorator. the clients job to understand why they've come to me, but it's my job to listen and really hear."

2300 Peachtree Road NW
Suite C101
Atlanta, GA 30309
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