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Nov 28, 2006

About nicejewishgirl:

I'm a nice Jewish girl with a healthy dose of edge ;)
I love me kitsch!!

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  • Private [?]

    From: hershale

    i like ur work. u have style !

    Posted 7 Years Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: RoofReplacement

    Great Collection

    Posted 2 Months Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: Elvis

    I would "edge" for you.

    Posted 8 Years Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: naenanajar

    I'm glad you're!. I have a question: is there anywhere to get good matzo ball soup ordered? I live in New Orleans, I don't have time to make it and there's no where to buy it!

    Posted 8 Years Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: Rabbi von Sydow

    Love your selection!

    Posted 9 Years Ago