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My name is Nicole and I have been passionate about fashion since I can remember. I have always had a special eye for fashion and pretty much everything in its field. I worked at a Nicole Miller Boutique in Long Island for 3 years while I was in High School. I then decided to approach the corporate office about an internship in NYC with Nicole Miller herself and IT WORKED! I was going into the city once a week for the entire summer. Completing tasks like exploring button and trim shops, creating patterns, dressing models, and conquering the subway. I will never forget that day, that’s the day I became a true New Yorker (by the way I have lived in Long Island my whole life).

Once my internship was over it was time to head to college at Syracuse University where I studied Fashion Design as my major. College was great, I loved what I was studying and after my four years there I got to make an 8 piece collection and debut it as my very own. I am now interviewing with a store in LA on 3rd Street that represents young designers and I think they are going to buy my dresses! It is very exciting.

After graduation I got a phone call from Lisa Izad who asked me if I wanted to move to Los Angeles and use her current brand Tylie Malibu to create a clothing line. What a great opportunity I thought, why not? So I picked up and moved to LA. I am currently working at Tylie Malibu and I am getting ready to show our fifth apparel collection for Fall 2007 in New York. It is always exciting before a show, you get to see the reaction to something you have been working on and perfecting for months. I love going back to NYC, the city that never sleeps. I say, “Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker”.

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