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a fashion blog. we write about music a lot, too.

Kat, Founder/Editorial Director: Grew up watching thunderstorms in the Midwest, now lives in New York, loves horses, zines, Vanessa Bruno dresses, Gretsch guitars, saunas, grunge revivalism, reverb pedals, vintage boots, Lynne Ramsay's films and the artwork of Louise Bourgeois and Clare Rojas. Attends film school and writes about "rupturing the continuity of space and time in classical film narrative" when she'd rather be watching old "Aeon Flux" episodes. Would like to go to Antarctica one day but hates the idea of wearing insulated polar fleece.

Liz, Beauty Director: Child of the northeast who moved to Los Angeles mostly because she'd always really liked Jane's Addiction. Inordinately proud of herself for having had a picture of Sofia Coppola taped to her bedroom wall in 1993 (also in 1993: saw Nirvana, wore tights with cutoff jeans and used combat boots very often). Now has pictures of Elsa Schiaparelli, Mary Timony, and Rachel Bilson taped to her cubicle wall. Earns her dough writing about straw-bale architecture and spa travel for various lifestyle magazines, but dreams of someday opening a cupcake bakery, tiny movie theater, or some combination thereof.

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