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Peter Dunham is probably the envy of interior designers everywhere-who else can claim David Hicks' son as his best childhood friend? "Before I went to boarding school I had never heard of David Hicks," says Dunham. "But after I visited his house [where he received a private tour], I became obsessed." Born to peripatetic parents, Dunham grew up in Paris, spent summers in Spain and went to some of the finest schools in England. He credits this upbringing for his interest in all things Mediterranean. But his work makes reference to plenty of other places (and eras) as well. Which has led some to call his style "schizophrenic," he laughs.

Although he calls Los Angeles home, Dunham is still on the move-traveling to India for his fabric line, shopping for antiques in London, working on interiors in other locales, including New York City, which he visited for the first time as a young man. "I stayed at the Hotel Pierre in a room overlooking Central Park. I still remember the smell of it: especially the fancy New York soap." Is travel bred in the bone? "It's the one thing that I could not do without. I'm never happier than when I'm on my way to the airport."

Peter Dunham Design
909 North Orlando Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90069

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