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Feb 3, 2008

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why not look me up on facebook.com in australia if you do just say we met on thisnext so I know we have similar interests. My life is looking and dreaming about nice things. I am into modern design as well as fun family stuff. My favorite stores to view online are urbanoutfitters.com and Ikea.com.au. I love art and the more different or strange the better.
I have 3 children aged 15 10 and 5 and of course a Husband. We live in Tasmania which is an island at the bottom of Australia and yes it is most the time cold. We have built two very modern homes over the last 4 years and about to go into another home but this time renovate. We build and sell alot and hope that this time we will stay and make it our family home. I work full time in a call centre called Telstra and my husband works for a Glass company called O'Brian Glass. I hope you enjoy looking and getting to know my style From Paula

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