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Surf rat. Artist. Writer. Blogger. I started working with Nau a year ago as curator for their weblog, The Thought Kitchen. My qualifications for the job? I was a surf rat, artist, writer, and I had a mildly popular blog devoted to wave riding in the Pacific Northwest called Sissyfish. When I first heard about Nau, I thought to myself, “That’s the only place I want to work in this world.” Considering that their clientele would be artists, activists and athletes, I told them frankly that I was their poster child—funny enough, I soon found out that everyone else who works there feels the same way.

I’m also a freelance illustrator and painter. Some of my art can be seen on the Nau website as well as at squigglystudios.com. Previous to working at Nau, I was editor for Napster in Hollywood, CA. Now I live in the Hollywood district of Portland, a much easier place to navigate by bicycle.

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