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For over 20 years, super stars have been calling on me to fine tune their physiques. Known for getting my clients out of the lounger and into the great outdoors, I enjoy mixing up routines, thus insuring that no one gets into a fitness rut. I love variety and consider walking and running to be essential to most exercise regimes. Neither my clients nor I like to spend all day in the gym. Efficiency of movement is another hallmark of mine. Rather than insisting on hundreds of sit-ups for washer board abdominals, I prefer to guide my clients through 5-10 minutes of concentrated, focused exercises, stressing proper form over monotonous repetitions. For each individual client I develop a fitness program that works into his or her lifestyle, laying the foundation for a long term commitment to fitness.

Named by numerous magazines as an “All Star Trainer”, “Top 10 Trainer” and “LA’s Best”, I take these accolades in stride. For me satisfaction comes in knowing that I have helped make the lives of my clients, famous or not, healthier and consequentially more fulfilled.

My roster of celebrity clients includes Demi Moore, Madonna, Sharon Stone, Bruce Willis, Christy Turlington, Alicia Silverstone and Stevie Nicks, among many others. I have just recently become the premier fitness expert on

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