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Roderick Shade's family history boasts an impressive succession of firsts: His grandfather had a construction company in San Diego, California in the early 1900s; later, his father was the first black school principal there; and before that, his mother was the city's first black homecoming queen. So it is perhaps not a surprise that dashing son Roderick would be among the first black Americans to build a national reputation as an interior designer. Decorator's Walk recently introduced a collection of Shade's fabrics featuring large-scale patterns of African ancestry. His custom furniture, with signature bowed legs, likewise exhibits a global influence.

Shade is famously the founder of the Harlem United Show House, the first African-American interior design showcase in the world. The Urban Oasis he created in 1998 was selected as one of the best show house rooms of the year by House Beautiful. With Jorge S. Aranjo, he recently published Harlem Style, the first book to examine the historical roots and individual elements of Harlem style. The contemporary Harlem Renaissance insures that his book will make an important contribution to our understanding of a little-examined aesthetic.

Roderick N. Shade
69 West 107th Street
New York, NY 10025

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    From: MysticDiva

    Was at the first Harlem Showhouse. It was wonderful. Much success to you.

    Posted 9 Years Ago