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When you're young and just starting out it makes sense to have your own version of Remington Steele. For Ruthie Sommers and Mary Mallard, her former partner and childhood best friend, working behind the façade of Chapman Radcliff (their respective grandmothers' maiden names) gave their budding interior design and retail venture a certain cachet. “We thought it sounded important, and gave us an air of professionalism. In the beginning people assumed we were just the messengers!" says Sommers.

The beginning was actually quite a while ago. When the two little Southern belles (Sommers and Mallard both grew up in Virginia) were around 6 years old, they set up a card table in each others' living rooms and colored in the Chapman Radcliff sign. Their first "projects" were furtive rearrangements of one or the others parents' living room furniture when said parents were out of town.

Today, Chapman Radcliff is alive and well as the name of the furnishings store Sommers owns in West Hollywood. A visit to the shop gives an inside look at her style. It has been described in the press as preppy chic; but whatever it's called, Ruthie Sommers is rightly now confident enough to run her interior design business under her own first and last names.

Chapman Radcliff
Attn: Ruthie Sommers
517 North La Cienega Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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