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Oct 16, 2007


Cleveland, OH, US


About shoparooni:

I'm a boutique store in Cleveland, Ohio dealing in shoes, apparel, accessories, and random fun stuff guaranteed to make your life better. (Or at least better looking.)

Owned by graphic designer Marlee Brown, and managed by yo-yo performer Steve Brown, Shoparooni has the benefit of an owner with a strong design background and a manager who is a globetrotter and gadget-hunter.

Essentially, we rule. And our taste is impeccable. Seriously. Quit giggling, we totally rock the party.

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  • Private [?]

    From: mgiordano66

    How can I purchase one or two of those silver domed lunchbox? Trying to link to shoparooni and it the link gets redirected. Love the lunchbox, so want a few.... Please let me know.

    Posted 7 Years Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: Chad Osko

    Random. Can I just say, you were amazing on Wife Swap?!

    Posted 8 Years Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: rjax

    Saw you on Wife Swap. Loved you, guys! :)

    Posted 8 Years Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: mac3

    Fabulous little shop with a really rad manager. We love it!! Bring one to the west side!!

    Posted 10 Years Ago