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Apr 29, 2006


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I have been a jewelry designer for about 20 years, creating contemporary, wearable and affordable pieces. My studio is located in Chicago, in a 35 year old vibrant and diverse arts community. Every aspect of my business is appealing to me, from the obvious design work, to marketing and sales and even the accounting. My next big project is the opening of a retail store in the summer of 2006. When I am not doing something business related, I love to ride my bike or take my kayak out on Lake Michigan and just get away.

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    From: buckleupbabe

    Hi Sue, Its Tina from Buckle Up Babe! I do the belts and am in shows that you are also in. I love your jewelry but never get time to look at it. I stumbled some how on to your website and saw that you have opened a store in Pilsen. That is so exciting (or atleast I think so). In my real life (I wish I could be an artisan in my real life!), I am an Asst VP at Mount Sinai Hospital in in North Lawndale, a hop, skip, and jump away from the west end of Pilsen. We frequent Pilsen often for lunch especially in the summer and me and the gals from work will stop by so we can ooh and ahh at your jewelry! And maybe purchase too! Regards and hope to see you soon! Tina

    Posted 8 Years Ago