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Trips to North Sumatra, Indonesia
North Sumatra is the name of one of the provinces in Indonesia which has the extraordinary and stunning in its attraction. The appeal of this province are the natural beauty that from Lake Toba as the biggest lake in Southeast Asia, to the beauty of a forest in Bukit Lawang where there is a collection of Sumatran orang utan. Especially for those who like a challenge, then that place where that is mandatory for the visit. In addition, other natural scenery is also amazing is of the famous volcano in the world is still active is Mount Sibayak.
Diversity of cultures and tribes in North Sumatra is also a new and different things that will be encountered during a trip to Sumatra. The majority of the population which is the Batak tribe, also featuring the story itself will like the story of the cultural heritage and traditions of the tribe. To find out, there are certain places which is also a tourist spot that is usually visited during a trip to Sumatra.

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