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Oct 16, 2011


new iberia / lafayette, la, us


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UnluckyCat13's Bizarre Oddities
Tamara Comeaux aka The Flesh Artist
I am a sef-taught Artist From South Louisiana.I am available for hire.I have many different things I am able to do.Just contact me with what it is that you are interested in hiring me for.

Some of the things I am available for:I make/design different styles/mediums of Jewelry,Clay Sculpting,Dolls,Polymer Clay, Wire Work /Art,Painting,Drawing/sketchings,Wood Work/Art,Florist/Floral Design,Interior Decorate/Design,Small group/party catering Cooking/Baking ( even if it its just a dish or two).Furniture building/designer.If you need a person to create a certain design for something.I can do a wide range of things.Over the years I have tried many different things,and I love them all.

I will work with anyone on a payment plan for my art/jewelry.I understand its hard for people right now.Just message me with all the info.I also do custom work if I have the time.

UnLuckyCat13's Bizarre Oddities Handmade Jewelry & Art 
Copyright 2010
If you have any questions contact Tamara Comeaux.
Email: TheFleshArtist13@gmail.com

Some of the mediums /art I work in ,or have worked in.Religious Inspired Art ,Surreal Art,Flesh Gore Art,Abstract,Wall Art, Wall Crosses,Metal/Wire work ,Decoupage Collages ,Charcoal/pencil ,Jewerly Making ,Nature Inspired art ,Cane /mokume gane polymer clay,SeedBead Art,Seed bead flower art ,and more.
.I enjoy cooking,baking,Body Mods,Tattoos,Hooking,I have a long list of different theme collections,Swords/Knives,Comic Books,Comic Collectibles,Dolls,Religious theme stuff,Bugs,lighter,crosses,......

I am also trying to start a promoting business.It's not going to be your everyday Yellow Pages.It will be more focused on people that have unique jobs,hobbies,music,art.BUT!Everybody is allowed to register your info for listing.I just am more focused on the more special / unique / taboo / overlooked stuff.


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