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Everything in life has a positive and negative outlook, and the way it may effect someone, is by whose there to show them the difference For the PlayStation, there's Dance Dance Revolution, which is a game that you watch the screen and step on the arrows as they approach their spots at the top of the screen; and even for the Wii and Xbox, there are dance video games and work out video games that are constantly keeping you moving because there are motion sensors and even a camera, known as the Kinect for the Xbox, which tracts whether or not you are truly moving around For younger children, video clip video games help teach them skills such as following instructions, solve problems with thinking and logic, and, with the obvious, hand-eye coordination, fine motor and spatial skills For example, research shows that more children whom play violent video clip video games are more likely to have increased aggressive behaviors, feelings, and thoughts, and on top that, even decreased prosocial help

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