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fashion always makes my days brighter!

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Jan 14, 2009


Winona, MN, US


About uvlizvu:

Growing up, my favorite thing to do was play dress up. That still hasn't changed. Except now, the high heels actually fit, I can fill out a dress better, know endless ways to wear a scarf, and have realized that less is more when it comes to makeup.

Fashion is hardly an obsession... it's more of a passion of mine. I live, eat, breath, dream, and absorb it endlessly. To me, fashion is about artistic expression and communication. It's an entire culture that I am beyond passionate about. Fashion is my inspiration.

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    From: Hillary Chapman-Roberts

    Hi! Whats up?! I’m Hill, your new ThisNext fan. You're off to a great start! I'm super impressed! Can't wait to see what other great finds you make. :o) Don't forget to tag your recommendations "TN Fashion" to enter to win a Louis Vuitton bag. Start the year off looking fabulous!

    Posted 7 Years Ago

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