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Born in Cuba to parents who ran their own construction business, Vicente Wolf was a natural to work in interior design. "My childhood was spent looking at floor plans and talking about a construction," he says, "so I was tuned into architecture and in no way intimidated by construction." But perhaps it was his size that led him to design. "I was already six feet tall by the age of thirteen," he says, and that meant he could move the furniture around by himself when his parents weren't home.

Known for his unparalleled ability to create breathtaking tableaux, Vicente Wolf has spent his adult life traveling the world and translating much of what he sees into his interiors. "My work is based on creating a setting. It's all about vignettes and elevations," he says. According to Wolf a view can be "anything you can rest your eyes on that has a sense of balance, light, and depth."

Most recently Wolf has been capturing views through a camera lens, traveling and photographing in such faraway places as Syria, Borneo, Bhutan, Burma, Ethiopia, and Madagascar. Along with his pictures, his writing about these places, the influence they have had on him, what he has bought there, and how it made its way into his work, will appear in his soon-to-be published Travel & Design (Monticello, 2006).

Vicente Wolf Associates, Inc.
333 West 39th Street
Suite 1001

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