Things I Love 4

by bycamille

Starting to check out the site and other peoples recommendations I'm coming across a mix of things that appeal to me..this is the list

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    From: salwaruk111

    Appriciate Your Our Designer Collection Dress... Lovely And Designer Collection For Women,Girls & Any More... In Your Budget If More... Salwar Kameez for Eid 2017

    Posted 3 Months Ago

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    From: Rana Bilal Manzoor

    First of all, I want to share some history about jewellery trends. History of jewellery starts many times before; we cannot count the number of cultures that were uses jewellery. The use of jewellery started thousand years before and it developed and grows in this gigantic time span. People of early civilizations were well aware about with the use of jewellery. In these groups African people were initiator of jewellery, the started making jewellery with snail shells about 75000 years ago and these jewellery sets found in a cave situated near Blombos. They also made their jewellery with the shells of ostrich eggs about 40000 years before.

    Posted 6 Years Ago

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