10 Reasons to Use ThisNext


I'm tired of getting 17 emails in my inbox telling me what I should buy today – I want shopping to be on MY terms.


It’s aggravating to have to create a shopping list every time I want to buy something on a new scrap of paper that I eventually lose.


I like to know what products my friends, and people whose taste I admire, recommend for me.


I've got great taste and I want the world to know it!


I want my online shopping trips to be more like offline shopping – but without the crowds, traffic, or sales people.


I can learn about amazing products by following my favorite brands and stylish people in the world's very first personal shopping feed.


One great product leads to a collection of even more great products.


I can organize and compare in one place everything I find around the web with the super easy-to-use bookmark.


I can be creative while I shop and share what I’m thinking about buying with my friends (whose opinions I actually want to hear).


Because I've finally found my home sweet digital shopping home!