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Contest Ended: Aug 31, 2007

While you've been skinny dipping and taking your bike off sweet jumps, your friends have spent all summer perfecting their Wii techniques. There's no way you can go "back to school" with rusty skills.

Don't sweat it, kid, ThisNext and Cool Hunting are here to keep your undies off the flagpole. We've teamed up to give away a Nintendo Wii to help you bone up before you hit the halls. All you need to do is tip us off to the products that you think rule the school, and the person with the best suggestions will win his or her very own Wii. Don't get shown up this fall—let ThisNext and Cool Hunting hook you up with a brand new Wii.

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Motorola SLVR L7 Cell Phone Image of Motorola SLVR L7 Cell Phone

1st recommended by ErnieOh

An item that you can talk on, text, video tape, take the best quality pictures, listen to your own selection of music... more

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Justice - Cross Image of Justice - Cross

Recommended by Gamine

Everybody report to the dance floor-- dance/club music is back.

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Kona Bikes Image of Kona Bikes

1st recommended by Gamine

This is a preview of the 2008 AfricaBike. This is the bike used by healthcare workers in several African nations to... more

Kona Bike Town Image of Kona Bike Town

1st recommended by Gamine

This is a sneak preview of the 2008 Kona AfricaBike t-shirt. "The shirts are part of the new Kona Organics... more

WeSC The Classic Headphones in Dirt Pink Image of WeSC The Classic Headphones in Dirt Pink

1st recommended by Gamine

According to The "Classic" model features earbud style phones that fit well in your ear and sport... more

Elecom - Gizmodo Image of Elecom - Gizmodo

Recommended by Gamine

These are so cute and they should sound pretty good because they're by Elecom. Update: I've had these earbuds for a... more

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pumpkin dutch oven Image of pumpkin dutch oven

1st recommended by designerista

I think this would make a fun casserole dish at the halloween party at work this year!

Elecom PSP-CS500 Portable Speaker Image of Elecom PSP-CS500 Portable Speaker

1st recommended by Gamine

I've been wanting one of these for some time, but I can't say I have any use for it until I go on a trip. It's too... more

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The Great Pumpkin Pan Image of The Great Pumpkin Pan

1st recommended by designerista

The holiday season is quickly popping in.. and like the holidays the great pumpkin is waiting to be harvested. Do it... more

Bath Bubble Maker Image of Bath Bubble Maker

1st recommended by designerista

I would love one of these to make my baths more bubbly...

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