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Contest Ended: Aug 31, 2007

While you've been skinny dipping and taking your bike off sweet jumps, your friends have spent all summer perfecting their Wii techniques. There's no way you can go "back to school" with rusty skills.

Don't sweat it, kid, ThisNext and Cool Hunting are here to keep your undies off the flagpole. We've teamed up to give away a Nintendo Wii to help you bone up before you hit the halls. All you need to do is tip us off to the products that you think rule the school, and the person with the best suggestions will win his or her very own Wii. Don't get shown up this fall—let ThisNext and Cool Hunting hook you up with a brand new Wii.

Cool Hunting is a website about products and concepts in art, design, culture and technology. Cool Hunting features videos, blog posts, and a Reader Finds section powered by ThisNext. Cool Hunting has been around since February 2003 and started out as a personal catalog and reference tool. Today the site attracts over 250,000 readers from around the world.

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Pure Komachi 6.38-inch Chef's Knife Image of Pure Komachi 6.38-inch Chef's Knife

1st recommended by Gamine

This line of color coded knives by the Kai company prevent cross-contamination. Kai is the same company that produces... more

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Light Emitting Wallpaper Image of Light Emitting Wallpaper

1st recommended by designerista

This is very cool. Not sure where to buy it though! Image of

Recommended by Gamine

Snarky little gems for your nearest and dearest.

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Volatile Women's Kathy Pump Image of Volatile Women's Kathy Pump

1st recommended by Gamine

With a lightly padded insole and a manageable 3 inch heel, these are for the more practical vamp.

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Dru NY Anetta Heel Image of Dru NY Anetta Heel

1st recommended by Gamine

These shoes are alluring and intimidating at the same time. The same might be said of the woman who wears these... more

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BB Dakota The Vonda Trench Coat Image of BB Dakota The Vonda Trench Coat

1st recommended by Gamine

I missed out on an empire-waisted coat last year so I'm nursing old wounds by admiring this coat. Retail is war, I... more

Blush V-Neck Sweater Dress Image of Blush V-Neck Sweater Dress

1st recommended by hockiemack

Proper, polite and preppy for the fall/winter

The Canguro Utility Belt in Spiaggia Image of The Canguro Utility Belt in Spiaggia

1st recommended by Gamine

Another belt beg. This one's by tokidoki and it's called a "Utility Belt." Like Batman's. And because it's called a... more

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31 Corn Lane - Hearts and Horses Duffel Bag Image of 31 Corn Lane - Hearts and Horses Duffel Bag

1st recommended by Gamine

Do you know how hard it is to find cute luggage? Sheesh!

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Designer Emulation Light Kit Image of Designer Emulation Light Kit

1st recommended by jowaha

Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as the saying goes. It just sometimes happens, however, that it's more... more

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