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Emerging Designers

8 item list created by GENART

For those who want something more original and fabulous than off the rack fashions.

Photos of items in this list

Image of b. happybags
  • Image of VENACAVA
  • Image of Margarita Saplala
  • Image of OCTOPI
  • Image of Lerario Beatriz
  • Image of Loeffler Randall: Gold flat

From One Groovy Mind to Another

6 item list created by TheGroovyMind

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Photos of items in this list

Image of The Groovy Mind Biker Bag
  • Image of Love Me When You Love My Planet
  • Image of Groovy Chocolate Gourmet
  • Image of Tealicious Gift Set
  • Image of EKOVARUHUSET New York
  • Image of The Sunset Breezehouse

yo' mama

25 item list created by kleins99

A list of unusual and highly coveted gifts for your mother (okay, so not all of the items are unusual. Who... more

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Photos of items in this list

Image of 18k gold link clasp bracelet
  • Image of Jean Schlumberger Egg charm with turquoise in 18k gold, small.
  • Image of Slip And Slide
  • Image of Jewelry from a hot New York designer
  • Image of Pirolettes
  • Image of Pottery Barn Glass Jars
  • Image of Sea shell serving pieces

gifts for the hostess with the mostess

26 item list created by thedelicious

i just spent six days preparing your holiday dinner! damn right you're bringing me a hostess gift, and it better not... more

Photos of items in this list

Image of Zepplin Seasoning Shaker
  • Image of Seven Deadly Sins Plates by D. L. & Co.
  • Image of Diamond Piggy Bank
  • Image of Sonoma Bonsai Grape Vine
  • Image of Bacon Salt
  • Image of Hello Sugar Sticks
  • Image of Winerd Wine Game

Seriously Good Valentine's Gifts

104 item list created by laurasweet

I'm bummed at all the crap people are posting on here for V-day gifts. Just because it's red or heart-shaped doesn't... more

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Photos of items in this list

Image of Tasteful Modern Custom Mosaic Portraits.
  • Image of David Foox Paints Hearts On X-Rays For A Very Unique Valentine.
  • Image of Langerman Diamonds - the natural colored, fancy and rough diamond shop
  • Image of Cool Cufflinks Hand Delivered By Hot Women.
  • Image of Chanel Has Heart For Valentine's Day, jewelry and handbags
  • Image of See Where LOST is filmed in a Private Tour of Hawaii's Oahu Island!
  • Image of Limited Edition Hermes Leica M7 In 2 Colors

What You Need If You Want to Chow Down

11 item list created by reganburns

Fabulous finds for kitchen and table

People Also Love:

Photos of items in this list

Image of Heath Ceramics "Coupe" Line
  • Image of All Clad 12-inch Saute Pan
  • Image of Riedel Vinum Crystal Stemware
  • Image of Concero Wine Saver
  • Image of Pulltap Corkscrew
  • Image of Le Creuset Tagine
  • Image of Kitchen Aid Grinder Attachment

In Case of Zombies

25 item list created by er1n

You've seen the movies - you know what it up.

Photos of items in this list

Image of The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks
  • Image of Hand-Crank Radio
  • Image of LIFESAVER Water Bottle Filter
  • Image of Zombie Escape Plan blank book journal
  • Image of Water Pouch
  • Image of MRE Entrée
  • Image of Louisville Slugger Adult Ash Wood Baseball Bat - Grand Slam Model


9 item list created by rlsally

Going green for back to school -- everything you need to pack a green backpack and lunchbox!

Photos of items in this list

Image of Mimi the Sardine - "lunch bug"   eco-friendly lunch bag
  • Image of Soybean Crayons
  • Image of Reware Products :: Juice Bags :: Yellow
  • Image of SIGG Sportbottle
  • Image of Biodegradable Corn Pen - W1095
  • Image of Recycled Binders by Sustainable Group
  • Image of Woody Pens - refillable pens

In the Underground Garage....

108 item list created by glamazon5

Why I "heart" garage rock!

Photos of items in this list

Image of The Forty-Fives - Fight Dirty
  • Image of The Birds - Collectors' Guide to Rare British Birds
  • Image of Glitter in the Gutter
  • Image of The Shazam - Godspeed the Shazam
  • Image of The Paybacks - Harder and Harder
  • Image of Death By Unga Bunga!! - the Mummies
  • Image of Shake Break!- The Swingin' Neckbreakers

Deck[orate] the Halls!

21 item list created by revolutionarygirl

"Outside-the-Box" decor ideas for a fantasically whimsical and modernist Christmas!

Photos of items in this list

Image of Holiday Playmobil Figures
  • Image of Amenity Holiday Collection
  • Image of ohmelisa :: Scrap Fabric Rag Garland
  • Image of Martha Stewart Everyday Yuletide Cheer Tree Skirt
  • Image of west elm overlapping square chair ornament
  • Image of Holiday Birds Ornament Collection
  • Image of Swedish Star Lantern

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