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From One Groovy Mind to Another

6 item list created by TheGroovyMind

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Photos of items in this list

Image of The Groovy Mind Biker Bag
  • Image of Love Me When You Love My Planet
  • Image of Groovy Chocolate Gourmet
  • Image of Tealicious Gift Set
  • Image of EKOVARUHUSET New York
  • Image of The Sunset Breezehouse

Emerging Designers

8 item list created by GENART

For those who want something more original and fabulous than off the rack fashions.

Photos of items in this list

Image of b. happybags
  • Image of VENACAVA
  • Image of Margarita Saplala
  • Image of OCTOPI
  • Image of Lerario Beatriz
  • Image of Loeffler Randall: Gold flat

Everything Indie, Harajuku, & Bohemian!

601 item list created by kivio

A list for living stylishly: Mod, Indie, Cute, Urban, Gypsy, Hippie, Bohemian. Whatever you wanna call yourself! If... more

Photos of items in this list

Image of Odaijini Art Print Laptop Skin
  • Image of Toast Plush
  • Image of Panda-A-Day Bento Box
  • Image of Unicorn Racer Back Tank
  • Image of Drip Clips Paperclip Holder
  • Image of Olive Green Courderoy Capri Pants
  • Image of Sweet Little Kitty Resin Necklace

I love Etsy

232 item list created by LittleMissPrissAndCo

Here are some of my favorite things available at Etsy.com

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Photos of items in this list

Image of Pysanky Christmas Ornament Egg Red On Sale
  • Image of American Girl Doll Ballerina Dress
  • Image of Ocean Blue Polymer Clay Bracelet with Toggle Clasp
  • Image of LMP Handpainted Monogram Hair Bow Holder (Hairbow Hanger) -EtsyKids
  • Image of Blacky Flowers Kids Hat
  • Image of Ee License Plate Art pendant keychain charm
  • Image of SALE Hearts and Flowers Zipper Pouch Purse

DIY stuff for Frustrated Artists

99 item list created by laurasweet

Once upon time, the only creative DIY stuff available was for kids. Coloring books, mainly. But now, for those of us... more

Photos of items in this list

Image of Color In Your Own - Jon Burgerman wallpaper
  • Image of DIY 2011 LETTERPRESS CALENDARS & COASTERS - Cranky Printery & Bindery
  • Image of DIY Band-aids! Make Your Own Bandages
  • Image of D.I.Y. Shower Curtain
  • Image of Coolest DIY ever! The dress you color in yourself!
  • Image of MagnetMe- Giant custom kitchen cabinet magnets
  • Image of MoMA Prefab Modern Playhouse & Family Kits

Norman Bates Inspired

35 item list created by roxygrl

Morbid stuff that's just plain cool.

Photos of items in this list

Image of Blood Bath Bath Mat
  • Image of Blood Bath Shower Curtain
  • Image of Dead Body Chalk Outline Beach Towel
  • Image of The Ex Knife Holder
  • Image of Disembodied Hand Wrist Rest

Desk Ninja

13 item list created by jim

If you sit at a desk all day (like I do), here are some things to help you stay cool and comfortable.

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Photos of items in this list

Image of EQ3 TWIST Office Chair
  • Image of JBL Creature 2.1 Computer Speakers (3-Speaker, Silver)
  • Image of Apple MacBook Pro
  • Image of Grado SR60 headphones
  • Image of Logitech Freepulse Wireless Headphones
  • Image of Charles & Marie: Tengu
  • Image of How to be happy in business - poster

Comes in any colour... as long as its CAMO!!!

55 item list created by headphonaught

I love camoflage... end of! And these products represent some of the best urban camo gear out there. Just don't wear... more

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Photos of items in this list

Image of Stussy X Turntable Lab - DJ Backpack
  • Image of Days of Peace and Music Embroidery BDU Jacket
  • Image of Tigerstripe Zig Zag Tiger Stripe Summer Day Shoe
  • Image of Penfield x DPM Summit
  • Image of M90 Scout Shirt
  • Image of Stussy x New Era Camo Smooth Stock @ Stussy
  • Image of Maharishi Laptop Case @ STANDARD

Essentials for Your Yoga Practice & Yogi Friends!

31 item list created by Yournewbestfriend

For all yogis or friends of yogi's - here are really great things to have for your practice or even just your daily... more

Photos of items in this list

Image of Manduka eKO 5mm Yoga Mat
  • Image of Shiva Pillow
  • Image of Beyond Yoga Supplex Original Pant
  • Image of method soy candles
  • Image of Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga
  • Image of Be Here Now by Ram Dass
  • Image of A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

Shoes & Accessories

38 item list created by missshoo

These are my picks for the very best in shoes, handbags, and other accessories.

Photos of items in this list

Image of Erva
  • Image of Bagatt
  • Image of melanieDIZON
  • Image of Be & D Handbags
  • Image of CC SKYE Shop
  • Image of Sukari
  • Image of VivaLaDiva

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