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Moi White Necklace Image of Moi White Necklace

1st recommended by andreatoyias

Simply the most stunning cutting-edge piece of jewelry I have ever seen. Definitely pushing things forward.

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Sprinkles Cupcakes Image of Sprinkles Cupcakes

Recommended by nectar

who doesn't love cupccakes...?...and these are special gourmet ones...with extra special flavours like vanilla... more

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24K Handcuffs with Key & Chain Image of 24K Handcuffs with Key & Chain

1st recommended by natashafiga

nothing says "classy" like 24 karat handcuffs!

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retro valentines Image of retro valentines

Recommended by esh

These take me back. Not quite to the 50's, but I seem to remember similar styles in the early 70's. Why are all the... more

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Heart on a Sleeve Sweater Image of Heart on a Sleeve Sweater

1st recommended by szlea

Made of a luxuriously lightweight silk/cashmere blend, our red crewneck sweater features a pink heart placed... more

The Ex Knife Holder Image of The Ex Knife Holder

Recommended by MissFifi

Not sure why I love this....I guess because it is funny in a demented way....perhaps I need a vacation! LOL

Luxury Lab Linens Image of Luxury Lab Linens

Recommended by wiredd

Having a cool looking bed cover is nice for those times when you're inviting people over and have to actually make... more

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WWF Adopt an Endangered Animal program Image of WWF Adopt an Endangered Animal program

Recommended by kayzee

Adopt a Blue Footed Booby for $50, and get a plush animal, an adoption certificate, photo and fact sheet. Plus, it... more

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House of Ingri Toys Image of House of Ingri Toys

1st recommended by abh75

hanging in that space of 'so ugly, they're adorable', house of ingri naugahyde stuffies have faces anyone will... more

Everlast High Performance Hook-and-Loop Training Glove Image of Everlast High Performance Hook-and-Loop Training Glove

Recommended by Nicole

Being able to donate while you learn to defend is always a plus. My sweetie holds the punching pads when I need to... more

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Oversized 3-D LOVE Frame/Sculpture Image of Oversized 3-D LOVE Frame/Sculpture

1st recommended by JananaJo

Perfect for the couple, this 3-D love sculpture/frame is a cute, personalized gift. Yes, it's a tad bit cheesy, but I... more

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Smack Him Ex-boyfriend Punching Bag - Pink Image of Smack Him Ex-boyfriend Punching Bag - Pink

Recommended by gretaguru

hahaha... just what every girl needs!! I can see the number of women registering for anger management dropping... more

Judith Leiber Heart Pillbox Image of Judith Leiber Heart Pillbox

1st recommended by laurasweet

There's still no gift like an original Judith Leiber, the Queen of Bling, long before it was called "bling". Her... more

Eleni's NYC -Valentine Cookies Image of Eleni's NYC -Valentine Cookies

1st recommended by Dreamy

valentine cookies

earth-friendly farmed roses Image of earth-friendly farmed roses

Recommended by Kristine

It really bugs me that the price of roses jump at least 20% during Valentine's Day. I vote of alternative... more


1st recommended by wellheeled

If you happen to misplace the instructions, make them up as you go... (via Uncommon Goods)

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Sanyo Katana - Cherry Blossom Pink (Sprint) Cell Phone Image of Sanyo Katana - Cherry Blossom Pink (Sprint) Cell Phone

1st recommended by Ligaya

I like this mainly because of the color and design. Similiar to the razr but since Sprint doesn't have the razr in... more

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On The Fly- Gifts and Essentials For Men Image of On The Fly- Gifts and Essentials For Men

1st recommended by dioverton

If you can't find something for your bloke on here then you may as well give up.

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Heart Flask Image of Heart Flask

Recommended by szlea

This whimsical key-chain flask allows you to wear your heart on your keys! Lacquered heart-shaped 4-oz. functioning... more

Red Spa Bucket - Lavender Bliss Image of Red Spa Bucket - Lavender Bliss

1st recommended by xdancer

a useful red bucket (like pooh's useful jar to put honey in?) filled with organic lavender body oil, natural cold... more

Donate A Life America Image of Donate A Life America

1st recommended by laurasweet

If you haven't considered becoming an organ donor, perhaps now would be a good time to think about it. You may not... more

Some Like It Hot (Special Edition) Image of Some Like It Hot (Special Edition)

1st recommended by John_and_Rose

Billy Wilder's classic comedy stars Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis as a pair of unemployed musicians who inadvertently... more

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