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ThisNext API

The ThisNext API provides access to ThisNext data. It may eventually support data entry and data manipulation.

The API is only in the beginning stages and is being developed to meet specific needs. Further data and functionality will generally be provided only in response to ThisNext developer and user requests. (You might not get everything you ask for, but you will probably not get anything you don't ask for.)

Most of the API methods in version 1 of the API follow this format: where "METHOD" is the method name, "PATH" is a URL path to operate on, and arg/value are various parameters to pass to the method.

Output is in XML and is best researched by viewing the results of various API method invocations, as we are not at the point where this auxiliary documentation would be likely to reflect the changing implementation. Just realize that many of the output data components are optional and will not be specified in the XML if they do not apply.

Additional functionality and returned data may be added to this version of the API provided it doesn't break the existing interface. When a new version of the API is released (no plans at this time), the legacy version will be supported for as long as possible.

Links to overviews of the current API methods implemented in v1 of the API are in the navigation on the left.