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The ‘TheO’ has landed

OMG, so I think I might have had a ‘Close Encounter’! Yesterday, this package mysteriously ‘landed’ on my doorstep (well, I may have seen a man in overalls walking away). I am slightly apprehensive but excited, I open it and, low and behold, I remove a space age ...more

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    The ‘TheO’ has landed OMG, so I think I might have had a ‘Close Encounter’! Yesterday, this package mysteriously ‘landed’ on my doorstep (well, I may have seen a man in overalls walking away). I am slightly apprehensive but excited, I open it and, low and behold, I remove a space age type object and put it down on my table. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s a matt black ‘pod’ that would actually look great on my coffee table if I filled it with flowers or some artistically arranged pebbles. Mmm, maybe it’s an essential oil diffuser or a candle holder? But it’s none of those – it’s for heated rollers! It’s the ‘TheO’. I open the rest of the package and there are all these cool black rollers in all different sizes. They are really light and covered in Velcro – oh cool, they even stick to the cat! This isn’t what I remember heated rollers looking like! Back in the day, my mom had this huge, scientific-looking box that she used to haul out from under the bed. It weighed a ton and was full of scary, white, phallic -looking objects with prickles all over them. In the end, it was so cumbersome and fiddly that it was designated to the attic, along with the sodastream, the yogurt maker and the sandwich toaster. I put the ‘Theo’ on the side and look at it admiringly. Then I start to panic. I need to find the ‘secret to unlock the pod’ aka the instruction manual. I am not good with instructions. I switch off after the opening paragraph and admit to being blonde with diagrams. But hey, this is really easy to use! I just pop the rollers in one at a time and as soon as one touches the base it starts to heat up. It’s so quick! In just 4 seconds it’s ready. And it’s really safe as it only starts to heat up when the element on the roller touches the base, so there’s no danger of the kids getting burned as they run round sticking their fingers into everything. Not like the old models where you’d have a massive panic if you forgot to switch them off. I’m a little bit tentative when reaching in to pull the first roller out. The thought of hot coals and memories of encounters with curling tongs make me consider getting the oven glove, but it’s not uncomfortable at all. ‘Oh yeah, right, so it doesn’t work then – all flash and no substance’ thinks Cynical Sam. Alright, I see now that the instructions say it heats from the inside – hmmm, we’ll see. OK, so now to put them in. Memories of spikes and pins and discomfort of ‘old school’ rollers come flooding back. But no such worries here. The Velcro’s really easy to use and they are defying gravity and staying in place. 5 minutes later…. Hair now full of black alien objects of all sizes (well five to be specific) – yeah! Gosh, I hope no one comes to the door. I am busy checking myself out in the mirror – mmm, I look a bit ‘Mars Attack’ – when I notice that the little grey blobs on the end of the rollers are turning red – aahh! Just checked the manual – we’re cool. Well actually they are hot which is why they have changed colour – it’s supposed to happen, it means that they are ready. Great! I pop downstairs and make myself a cup of coffee. This multi-tasking is a breeze. I can style my hair and be creative in the kitchen at the same time. Whoever said you can’t do it all? Sipping my coffee, I notice that by using the Theo, I am actually helping save the environment! I’m being ‘Green’ - TheO uses seven times less power than traditional heated rollers. Right. The time has come! I remove all the rollers, run my fingers through my hair and swish my hair seductively. Wow! It’s a new me. Gone are my lacklustre locks. As if by magic, I’ve got big bouncy shiny curls! Gosh, I can’t let these go to waste. I rush to my closet and pull out my little black dress from the back on the floor. There’s only a slight stain on it from the Christmas party. I slip it on. I look pretty ravishing (though I say so myself). I hear the front door opening. It must be my husband, so I rush into the hall. He sees me and drops his brief case eyes are out on stalks. ‘Did someone abduct my wife’?..... ‘You look different he says’, ‘did you do something different with your hair?’ ‘Oh, you know, just felt like a change – it’s the ‘Messy Dressy’ look you know’. ‘Gorgeous’ he says and I blush. ‘How come you’re ready to go out? You can’t have been home more than three quarters of an hour’. ‘Low maintenance, that’s me!’ I chirp. OK, so maybe he’s not buying that. So over the next week I try all these different looks: ‘Rock-chick Crimps’, ‘Natural Waves’, ‘Farah Flicks’, ‘Poker Straight’, ‘Tight Curls’, ‘Super Smooth’ not forgetting my starting point ‘Dressy Messy’ – I’ve got a hair style for every day of the week! My husband’s reeling, ‘feels like a new woman every night’ he says. And my girlfriends, well, they are green with envy. ‘How do you find the time?’ they say as they rush up to the school gates looking frazzled, ruffled and hair standing on end. ‘Have you got a secret, like some hot hunk hidden away at home?’ Well, not exactly…… I know they are great friends and all, but I’m not ready to share. I’m not ready to tell them that ‘the truth is out there’ yet. Maybe one day……. Available @ TheO pod for £149.99 and rollers from £15.99

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