Star Trek Interactive Tribbles

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Openly adorable tribbles with real purring action! Oh kirk, you are my only captain... :)

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    Openly adorable tribbles with real purring action! Oh kirk, you are my only captain... :)

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    • Wilga
      So adorable. :)

  • Snny

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    Adorable furry beasties from the final frontier In the 23rd century, an enterprising trader named Cyrano Jones procured an interesting and adorable little creature. These tiny furry beasties had a calming effect on the nervous systems of humanoids - well most humanoids, anyway. They were called tribbles. These tribbles, when they're not busy being cute and purring, were prodigious breeders. As one country-doctor once quipped, "Well, the nearest thing that I can figure is that they're born pregnant - which appears to be quite a time-saver!" In fact, their ability to multiply is so incredible, they can fill an entire cargo hold in three days - that's one million, seven-hundred seventy-one thousand, five hundred sixty one tribbles... assuming one tribble with an average litter of ten producing a new generation every twelve hours. That's some impressive breeding, right there. It would make any man want to high-five any tribble, except tribbles don't have arms. These tribbles, however, are genetically altered to be sterile. In fact, ThinkGeek will guarantee that, should our tribbles somehow begin to multiply, we will dispatch someone to remove the infestation from your starship or space-station - even if it takes seventeen-point-nine years. Features * Cute furry robotic creatures that shake and quail when disturbed * Two sizes, large (about 12" in diameter) and small (6" in diameter), and come in random shades of black, brown and grey * Is partial to quadrotriticale, but really likes AA and AAA batteries, conveniently included in its velcro-edged stomach * On-off switch conveniently hidden inside the tribble! * Guaranteed to have a calming effect on most humanoids * * Sorry, but tribbles seem to have an adverse effect to Klingons

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